David Marshall to Speak at Child Abuse Defense Conference

David Marshall has been selected to speak to several hundred lawyers, investigators, and other professionals at the 2012 international conference of the National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center.

The conference is by far the largest recurring gathering focused on defense of persons accused of child abuse. This year’s takes place September 6-8 in Las Vegas. David will speak the first morning.

David’s topic is “Rx for Lawyers: How to Help Your Medical Experts Do Their Best for You.” He’ll share what he has learned about getting maximum benefit from physicians and nurses engaged to assist the defense—and about avoiding the damage lawyers can unintentionally do to their cases when they work with such experts.

David will appear on stage again the last day of the conference. He will demonstrate the direct examination of a nurse who has performed a sexual assault medical exam.

Celebrated lawyer Barry Scheck of New York says this of the conference:

Regardless of your trial skills level, child abuse cases are unique among other crimes. Staying current with the medical and psychological research in this specific area is imperative to effectively represent your clients. This is the conference that keeps you current and sharpens your skills.

To register to attend, phone (419) 865-0513.