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Two Bellevue High Students Under Investigation for Alleged Rape of 14-year-old Girl

Police in Clyde Hill are investigating two 16-year-old boys from Bellevue High School for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl at a house party in Yarrow Point this April. According to news reports, all three teenagers attended the party together on April 1st where they reportedly drank a lot of alcohol before the alleged rape occurred....
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Six-Year Study Highlights Flaws in How Universities Handle Sexual Assault Claims

A recent report released by the non-profit organization Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) has attacked the predominant method for handling campus-based adjudications of sexual assault accusations. The SAVE report, titled “Six-Year Experiment in Campus Jurisprudence Fails to Make the Grade,” labels these proceedings as chronically inefficient, unfair, and occasionally harmful. The 2011 Dear Colleague...
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To Be Blind or Not to Be Blind? Forensic Interviews in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

An important question for forensic interviewers of children in alleged abuse cases is whether to gather information about the case before interviewing the child. The Supreme Court suggested in the 1989 case Idaho v. Wright that allegation-blind forensic interviewing may guard against leading children to make false allegations. In “Planning the Forensic Interview,” researchers Monica...
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Children’s Memory for Dyadic Conversations after a One-Week or a Three-Week Delay

In child abuse investigations and trials, the statements of the child are often the crucial (sometimes the only) evidence that a crime occurred. And the child’s earliest statements to adults about the supposed abuse are particularly significant. This is problematic because there has been little research done to determine how accurate children’s memory is for...
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Federal Judges Ask for Attorneys’ Help in Sentencing Child Sex Offenders

A recent article by federal criminal sentencing expert Alan Ellis shows that persons accused of child sex offenses need first-rate legal representation—even if they are guilty and plan to plead guilty. Ellis’s article, Sentencing the White-Collar Client: What Judges Want to Know, presents the results of his interviews of 18 federal judges on their philosophies...
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How Legal Are Searches by “Geek Squad” FBI Informants?

The Washington Post article “If a Best Buy technician is a paid FBI informant, are his computer searches legal?” has refreshed questions about the legality of paid third-party computer searches on the FBI’s behalf. A computer search conducted by a Best Buy Geek Squad employee factored into a recent criminal case against a doctor who...
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