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Washington State University Under Fire for Treatment of Students Accused of Assault

The disciplinary actions taken against Washington State University football player Robert Barber by the university have some critics wondering whether students accused of assault are receiving fair and adequate process of their cases. Fifth-year senior Robert Barber, a defensive tackle for WSU’s football team, was expelled (one class short of graduation) by the university after...
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When Innocent Defendants Plead Guilty

Basic to the American criminal justice system is the presumption that criminal defendants are innocent. Also fundamental is that a defendant must be acquitted unless guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. These rules aim to protect innocent defendants from conviction even at the price of occasionally letting a guilty defendant go free. Since lawmakers’...
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Swedish Report Finds Science Supporting “Shaken Baby Syndrome” Weak

The medical science supporting so called “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS) may be much weaker than most American physicians think. A recent article by writer Sue Luttner summarizes the findings of a 2016 Swedish report evaluating the strength of the science behind claims that violent shaking causes infant brain damage. The report comes from the Swedish...
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