Charges Dismissed Against Manhattan Preschool Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse

Four months after I first reported this story, charges have been dismissed against a Manhattan preschool student teacher accused of inappropriately touching children.

Malthe Thomsen, a student teacher from Denmark, was charged with sexual abuse after a co-worker reported to the school that he had inappropriately touched children. The school conducted an investigation and found no evidence supporting the co-worker’s accusations. After the co-worker was fired by the preschool, she took her allegations to police. Thomsen was said to have confessed after a seven-hour interrogation, but he reported that police coerced him into making false statements, partly by lying to him that they had incriminating videos.

Further investigation led to doubts about the accusing co-worker’s credibility. Interviews with the thirteen alleged child victims led to only one child who recollected being touched in a way that could have been inappropriate. Prosecutors also interviewed two other teachers who reported seeing nothing inappropriate. This lack of evidence ultimately led to the charges being dismissed.

Of the ordeal, Thomsen said, “It’s been five months out of my life I will never get back.” He plans to return to Denmark and finish his degree.