Petition Drive Launched for Assessment of Medical Diagnoses of Child Abuse

I have just signed a new petition calling for a “rigorous scientific evaluation of the evidence base for medical diagnoses of child abuse.” The petition is focused on infant brain injuries that were once called Shaken Baby Syndrome and are now called Abusive Head Trauma, and on “bony abnormalities” often misinterpreted as “abusive fractures.”

The petition notes the controversy about these diagnoses. It observes that, even though they are controversial, they have sent many care-givers to prison and have destroyed many families.

In our practice at The Marshall Defense Firm, we find ourselves defending one person after another in Washington State whose charges rest on this dubious medicine. We’ve had such cases in recent months in Issaquah, Wenatchee, and Everett.

The petition calls on “the medical profession, courts, legislators and the innocence movement to evaluate the evidence base for [these] medical diagnoses.”

The medical opinions in our cases usually come from Seattle Children’s Hospital and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma.

Anyone wanting to sign the petition may do so here.