Our Approach to Special Assault Defense

We start by listening to you. To defend you well, we need to hear what you have been through, and we need to get to know you. Doing these things will probably take more than one meeting with you.

Then we develop your defense through investigation of the facts and gradual selection of the best possible theory of defense. We explain this process here.

As we develop your defense, we keep in mind that we work for you. We understand that winning the case we are handling is not your only goal. You may want to do something that doesn’t advance your defense because it does advance another of your interests. We give you the advice you need before you make your choice in such a situation.

For example, an accused person always puts himself at some legal risk when he agrees to answer questions from public authorities. But sometimes a father cannot re-establish contact with his children until he answers questions from a child protection agency. In a situation like that, we analyze the particular risks and possible benefits for the father, so he can make a well-informed decision about whether to undergo questioning.

We believe in teamwork. No one person has all the good ideas and insights. Unless your case is simple, we will likely put our heads together for you.

In everything we do for you, we spend the energy and time necessary to do it right. When we get to court to present your defense, we are ready to achieve victory for you.

To read how our approach has worked out for some of our clients, read here.

Confer with us in good health! You may choose to confer with us by Zoom or telephone to avoid Covid risk. Please phone us at 206.826.1400 to schedule your conference.