Kristina Selset Returns to the Marshall Defense Firm

Kristina Selset has become Of Counsel to the Marshall Defense Firm in the wake of Aimée Sutton’s departure to accept an appointment as a judge. Kristina worked with the firm 2008-2014, too.

“I really enjoy being back at the firm,” Kristina said. “The cases we get reflect the complexity of human relations, which I find fascinating. It inspires and energizes me to collaborate with David on behalf of our clients. And our terrific support staff means that we can provide first-rate service to our clients at every level of the firm.”

David noted Kristina’s outstanding skills and spirit. “Not many lawyers write and speak with the flair and precision that Kristina does,” he said. “It was a great compliment to the firm to have the governor put one of our lawyers on the superior court bench, but Kristina’s return brings back to full strength our fierce and insightful advocacy. And Kristina is as committed as the rest of us to providing compassion to our clients–many facing the fight of their lives.”

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