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Have you been accused of a sex crime?

If you've been accused of a sex crime, it's critical you understand your rights and the implications of the decisions you must make.

You're humiliated, and you're scared. You've heard about people being convicted of crimes they did not commit. Can you get justice?

Absolutely you can. At The Marshall Defense Firm, we know that American courts, and American citizens sitting as jurors, can recognize your innocence. But they need expert guidance to recognize it.

Providing that guidance is our business. Giving you back your life is our business. We've been defending persons accused of sex crimes for a long time. And we do it well.

We are committed to providing you the very best representation and obtaining your best outcome.

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The Marshall Defense Firm

David and Aimée focus their work on accusations of sexual misconduct. They represent the accused in nearly every sort of legal proceeding, both criminal and civil.

A record of success based on strong and compassionate advocacy distinguishes The Marshall Defense Firm attorneys. They have extensive experience in jury trials and in administrative hearings throughout Washington State.

How We'll Approach Your Case

Our Approach to Sex Crime Defense

We start by listening to you. To defend you well, we need to hear what you have been through, and we need to get to know you. In everything we do for you, we spend the energy and time necessary to do it right. When we get to court to present your defense, we are ready to achieve victory for you.

How We Develop Your Defense

Whenever someone says he or she was sexually assaulted by our client, we must answer a question that will be on the mind of every juror: “If the defendant did not sexually assault this person, why does the person say he did?” The answer to that question will be the theory of the case.

Interviewing Children

If your case involves a child, it is important to have attorneys on your side who know how to interview children properly. Our skill in interviewing children is truly exceptional and has been the key to many of our victories.

How We Select a Jury

Our approach comes from the Trial Lawyers College, where David Marshall learned it under the instruction of Gerry Spence, probably the greatest American trial lawyer of the past fifty years.

Statements as Evidence at Trial

The admissibility of testimony and out-of-court statements is a complex and evolving area of the law. We follow it closely and even write and lecture to other lawyers on it.

Resolving the Case Without Trial

Sometimes we can do so much damage to the case against the accused before trial even starts that the other side gives up. Sometimes, in other words, we can win without trial.

Why We Defend the Guilty, Too

Genuine compassion for our clients, the guilty as well as the innocent, remains a hallmark of our firm. For clients who wish to plead guilty and seek a treatment alternative to a prison sentence, we have the experience and knowledge of the law they will need.

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