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Head shot of David Marshall wearing navy blue suit with light blue shirt and gray and gold striped tie

David S. Marshall

For over 20 years, David Marshall has been committed to providing the best possible defense to persons accused of child...
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Emily Gause

Recognized as an aggressive defender who gets impressive results in serious cases, Emily M. Gause is committed to compassionate representation, working with clients...
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Attorney Pic Marshall

Joshua R. Saunders

Attorney | Of Counsel
Josh Saunders has been defending the accused since 2006. After a decade of handling serious felony cases in New York...
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Head shot of Kristina Selset wearing navy blue suit in The Marshall Defense Firm office

Kristina L. Selset

Attorney | Of Counsel
Kristina L. Selset has fought for the accused for 28 years, winning many acquittals from juries and securing favorable judgments...
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Head shot of Tracey McDonald wearing black suit in marshall defense firm office

Tracey McDonald

Tracey McDonald is our paralegal. She earned her paralegal degree in 1993 in an ABA-approved paralegal education program. Tracey combines two qualities not often found in the same person: meticulous attention to...
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Head shot of Glenn MacGilvra wearing dark blue-gray suit in The Marshall Defense Firm office

Glenn MacGilvra

Legal Researcher
Glenn MacGilvra is the man behind the curtain at The Marshall Defense Firm. Glenn researches the law and writes legal briefs and other papers for our clients. And he does it superbly....
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Confer with us in good health! You may choose to confer with us by Zoom or telephone to avoid Covid risk. Please phone us at 206.826.1400 to schedule your conference.