Videos on Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence Cases

Should a Criminal Defendant Testify?

In a Criminal Case Does the Defense Need to Present Witnesses?

How to Interview a Child

How Do You Know If Your Client Is Innocent?

How Do You Build a Defense for a Sexual Assault Case?

How To Pick A Jury

How Does One Defend Against a Damages Claim in a Child Sex Abuse Case?

Are the Issues in a Civil Suit for Child Sex Abuse Any Different From the Issues in a Criminal Case?

When is it too Late for a Person to Sue Someone for Child Sex Abuse?

In a Civil Child Sex Abuse Case Are There Any Other Defendants Other Than the Accused Abuser?

What If a Person Sued for Child Sex Abuse Doesn't Have Much Money?

Does It Matter Which Child Sex Abuse Case You Handle First? A Criminal Case and Civil Case?

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