About Us

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault, child abuse, rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, or any special assault, it’s critical you understand your rights and the implications of the decisions you must make.

You’re humiliated, and you’re scared. You’ve heard about people being convicted of crimes they did not commit. Can you get justice?

Absolutely you can. At The Marshall Defense Firm, we know that American courts, and American citizens sitting as jurors, can recognize your innocence. But they need expert guidance to recognize it.

Providing that guidance is our business. Giving you back your life is our business. We’ve been defending persons accused of sex crimes, child abuse, and other special assaults for a long time. And we do it well.

We are committed to providing you the very best representation and obtaining your best outcome.

Confer with us in good health! You may choose to confer with us by Zoom or telephone to avoid Covid risk. Please phone us at 206.826.1400 to schedule your conference.