Saunders and Marshall Explain New Protection Order Law

Joshua Saunders and David Marshall have explained to other attorneys House Bill 1320, the new Washington law governing protection order cases. They spoke September 19 to Domestic Relations Attorneys of Washington at their Annual Continuing Legal Education conference in Skamania, Washington.  

The new law is intended to harmonize and simplify Washington’s six different kinds of protection orders (what some states call restraining orders). Among these orders are Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Sexual Assault Protection Orders. 

Saunders and Marshall highlighted the great advantage that the petitioner (the person asking the court for a protection order) has over the respondent. They pointed out that the respondent may be able to turn the tables by asking the court to realign the parties. 

Saunders and Marshall urged attorneys handling these cases to file briefs along with witness declarations. This approach, they said, enhances witness credibility and focuses arguments to maximize their persuasive power.

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