How Do You Know If Your Client Is Innocent?

We Advocate For You. We Don’t Judge You.

Sometimes a client will say to us, “I’m innocent, and I’ve got to have a lawyer take my case to trial who knows I’m innocent. Tell me: do you believe me when I tell you I’m innocent?” 

That client misunderstands our role. We do not sit as the judge for our clients. We don’t sit as the jury for our clients. We are the advocates for our clients. Our job is to fight for them, to make the arguments that show their innocence, to point to the evidence that points toward their innocence. And if we do our job right, then the judge and the jury have a good chance to do their job right. 

So if you come to us and you say “I’m innocent,” we don’t need to have a long discussion about that. We don’t sit and ponder whether we believe you are innocent. We just accept it. We just believe you and go about setting out to prove it.

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