How Does One Defend Against a Damages Claim in a Child Sex Abuse Case?

Learn What Needs to Be Done to Defend Against A Claim for Compensation for Child Sex Abuse.

In defending against a civil claim for damages for child sex abuse, investigation can help a lot.

Often the plaintiff has grown into an adult who has not done well in life. The plaintiff may have suffered drug addiction, chronic unemployment, and a series of short, unhappy, intimate relationships. The plaintiff usually wants all such major problems to be attributed to the abuse… and for the defendant to pay for all of them.

In response, the defense attorney needs to investigate how the plaintiff’s life would likely have gone had it not included sexual abuse at an early age. If the plaintiff has siblings who were not molested but have had similar problems in their adult lives, that suggests the defendant did not cause the plaintiff’s problems.

The defense needs to obtain the plaintiff’s school, employment, psychotherapy, and other healthcare records. They often reveal other stressful events in the plaintiff’s life.

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