Marshall Defense Firm’s Latest Big Pro Bono Publico Project Triumph

The Marshall Defense Firm’s advocacy led to the release in August of Casmer Volk. He had been in custody nearly eight years due to a child rape charge. David Marshall and Glenn MacGilvra won a new trial for Mr. Volk by showing that his original trial attorney’s poor work undermined confidence in the 2012 guilty verdict.

After winning Mr. Volk a new trial, David Marshall offered to defend him without fee on retrial. The firm was gearing up to prove his innocence when the prosecution offered Mr. Volk a compromise that would free him from prison immediately with no sex offense conviction. Mr. Volk accepted that offer and was indeed released right away.

All of us at the firm are grateful to the many persons who helped us win Mr. Volk’s freedom. The biological trace evidence analysis we received from Greg Hampikian of Boise State University was critical to our success.

This was the firm’s biggest pro bono publico case since David Marshall represented three prisoners at Guantanamo Bay 2006-2014. Those three are also free now.

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