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David Marshall Re-selected as Super Lawyer

By The Marshall Defense Firm | July 29, 2019

David Marshall has been selected as a 2019 Washington “Super Lawyer” in criminal defense.  The selection process includes nomination by other attorneys, broad evaluation of the lawyer by independent researchers, and consideration by a panel of other outstanding attorneys. Only 5% of Washington’s lawyers are selected. “It always feels good to have the quality of…

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Kristina Selset Returns to the Marshall Defense Firm

By The Marshall Defense Firm | April 22, 2019

Kristina Selset has become Of Counsel to the Marshall Defense Firm in the wake of Aimée Sutton’s departure to accept an appointment as a judge. Kristina worked with the firm 2008-2014, too. “I really enjoy being back at the firm,” Kristina said. “The cases we get reflect the complexity of human relations, which I find…

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Past Events

Aimée Sutton’s Expertise on KIRO-TV News

By David S. Marshall | May 26, 2016
Aimée Sutton interview on KIRO 7 TV News

My colleague Aimée Sutton recently received a call from KIRO-TV journalist Essex Porter. The Washington Supreme Court had just decided a case involving child pornography. One of our clients was in the news a few months ago for getting an unusually humane sentence for possession of child pornography. Aimée had represented that fellow—had fought hard…

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Aimée Sutton Participates in Judicial Institute

By The Marshall Defense Firm | August 12, 2015
Judicial Institute logo

Aimée Sutton recently participated in the Judicial Institute, which offers a series of presentations sponsored by the Seattle University Law School for secondary school teachers. Aimée and a federal prosecutor worked together to present a mock voir dire (jury selection) session with about forty school teachers in Judge Donohue’s courtroom. With the teachers serving as…

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Guantanamo Bay Case

Ahmed Ajam Succeeds in Uruguay

By The Marshall Defense Firm | August 24, 2018
Ahmed Ajam wearing a green shirt speaking into a microphone

In 2014, Ahmed Ajam was released from the Guantanamo Bay detention center after being imprisoned for almost thirteen years without trial. David Marshall took his case pro bono publico and represented Mr. Ajam for eight years. Today, Ahmed is living in Montevideo, Uruguay and runs a pastry stall in a public market. Although he is…

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Marshall Defense Firm Celebrates Ahmed Ajam’s Release From Guantanamo

By The Marshall Defense Firm | February 27, 2015
Mark Olsen, Leslie Olson, and David Marshall celebrating client's release from guantanamo bay detention camp

On February 11th, The Marshall Defense Firm hosted a celebration of the freedom of its last client imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Ahmed Ajam. Mr. Ajam, a native of Syria, has been resettled in Uruguay. The firm represented Mr. Ajam and two other Guantanamo prisoners pro bono publico, that is, without charging any attorney’s fee. Among…

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Ahmed Ajam Released from Guantanamo Bay Detention Center by Obama Administration

By The Marshall Defense Firm | January 23, 2015
Head shot of Ahmed Ajam wearing a light blue shirt

The Obama administration announced on December 7, 2014, that it had released six prisoners who had been held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center. Among the six was Ahmed Ajam, a Syrian, who had been held at Guantanamo since 2001 without ever being put on trial. David Marshall represented Mr. Ajam in his legal battle…

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