David Marshall Named Avvo Clients’ Choice Recipient

David Marshall has been named an Avvo Clients’ Choice recipient. The honor is given to those attorneys who receive strong Avvo client reviews. Over 90% of David’s evaluations have received the very highest rating possible.

So what are David’s clients saying? Here’s a sample:

David Marshall was highly recommended to us by another attorney. What a great recommendation that was! When we first met David, we were immediately impressed with his knowledge, expertise, and kindness. Throughout our work with him, he was responsive, respectful, and strategic. He was one of two attorneys we worked with and together they achieved a very satisfactory outcome for us—and we are grateful to them. We definitely highly recommended David Marshall.

Former client

I was falsely accused of sexual abuse. I am a male childcare Director Owner, and this situation was very stressful for me because I knew I didn't do anything. The police and the agencies that were investigating this situation treated me as if I was guilty before they even knew all the facts concerning the situation. So I hired Mr. Marshall as my attorney to ensure my rights were protected and that I would be treated fairly. When I meet with him I found that he was very knowledgeable in the field and he had a genuine concern about helping people who have been falsely accused. Mr. Marshall was very thorough in his approach. He immediately got to work on my case, by making phone call to the police and sending prudent information to the different agencies involved in this matter. He connected me with a polygraph person who was equally knowledgeable in his field. Mr. Marshall's Staff was very helpful and always kept me informed about my case. The end result was the case never went to trial and it was found unfounded by CPS office. In addition, I had monies left over from my retainer fee and received a full refund and detailed information concerning how my money was spent. I will urge anyone going through this type of situation to give him a call.

Former client

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The Marshall Defense Firm would like to thank our clients for their thoughtful feedback. We would also like to thank all of our clients for placing their trust—and often their futures and lives—in our hands over the nearly two decades the firm has been defending the accused.

At the Marshall Defense Firm, we represent people accused of assaults of an especially sensitive nature—sexual assault, assault of a child or an elderly adult, and domestic violence. We defend our clients in criminal cases and also in civil suits and administrative hearings. With more than 18 years of experience in this particular area, David Marshall and his team are committed to providing the very best representation to persons accused of child abuse and other special assaults.