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How Reliable Is DNA Evidence?

It’s easy to think after watching any given crime show on TV that DNA evidence is infallible, that it always leads to a just and fair conviction.  In real life, however, the situation is far...
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What is the Fresh Complaint Rule?

When you are facing sexual assault charges, you may find yourself frustrated with and confused by the complexity of the legal system.  Being a defendant in such a case can include an unwelcome, high-stakes education...
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What Counts as Consent in 2017?

Human relationships are full of possibilities for miscommunication.  We unintentionally misunderstand each other all the time about big and small things alike.   Unfortunately, this fact makes communications about the decision to have sexual contact...
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How Accurate Is a Child’s Memory?

Frequently in child abuse investigations and trials, the primary evidence is that given by the child involved.  Sometimes this evidence is the only evidence that the alleged abuse ever occurred.   But is a child’s...
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Is a SSOSA Right For Me?

If you’ve been convicted of a sexual offense in Washington State, you may be eligible for sentencing under Washington’s Special Sexual Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA).   What is a SSOSA, you might ask?  Under Washington...
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