San Antonio Four Declared Innocent

Four women’s legal nightmare has come to an end. They have been declared innocent of the child sex abuse crimes for which they served many years in prison.

Aimée Sutton wrote of their cases here in a guest post in October. This documentary helped them draw public support.

All four are lesbians. Their volunteer attorneys believe that made them prime targets for false accusations.

Their cases resemble in some respects the “child sex abuse ring” prosecutions in Wenatchee, Washington. Both happened in the mid-1990’s, near the end of the wave of child sex abuse hysteria that swept the nation for more than a decade and put many innocent people in prison. Both involved allegations of Satanic rituals. In both the miscarriages of justice were set right by an “innocence project” at a law school. I had the privilege of working with the Innocence Project at the University of Washington School of Law to free persons imprisoned in the Wenatchee cases.